Katrina Moore is the new face to watch out for this year!

1. Where are you from?

Jacksonville, Florida.

2. What does a typical day look like in the life of Katrina Motes?

I never know what my days are going to look like but one thing is constant: Coffee!

3. How did you end up being scouted?

I was scouted when I was 16 on Instagram by Next Models.

4. What do you like to do on your off days?

Sleep in, goof around with my friends, and binge watch the worst reality TV (my guilty pleasure lol)

5. You obviously have a rocking bod, any fitness tips to share?

Pilates, yoga, walking... anything that doesn't feel like a workout but still gets you moving!

6. Name some items on your bucket list?

Skydiving, moving to New York, and walking in the VS Fashion show 

7. How important of a role do you think Instagram plays in a model's career today?

I think it's a great way to show parts of your everyday life for people to enjoy, but I try not to take it too seriously.

8. What fashion advice do you have for men?

Flip flops and jeans is not a look, it's a disaster

9. What's the one thing you never want to see a guy wearing?

Camo paired with khakis... actually, camo in general.

10. Tell us an awkward or funny moment from a photoshoot/casting etc that is too good not to share?

Where do I even begin? I'll say this, I think I've tripped at castings more often than I haven't... even when I'm not in heels (oops!)

11. Any major plans for 2018?

No plans, only ideas! Maybe I'll give that whole VS supermodel thing a go...

Alexis Michaud shows you her Wild side

Alexis Michaud

Alexis Michaud

Centerville, OH


Agency: DAS Models

1. Where are you from?

I'm from a small town called Centerville Ohio.

2. What does a typical day in the life of Alexis look like?

I don't really have "typical days", I despise routine. Every day is different; new goals, new dreams, new people, new ideas, new challenges. 


3. How did you start modeling?

In Ohio modeling isn't really an option. I had to go out and take it myself. I'm thankful for that because it allowed me to learn so much about myself that I didn't know! I learned what I want, what I don't want, never EVER give up and to NEVER take shit from anyone.

4. What has been your favorite project to work on?

I honestly can't say I have a favorite project, not because I don't like my work but because every day is new. ill have a favorite photo or shoot or show one day then the next day have a completely different favorite. Each day I grow, I get better and better, and I have new favorites.

Alexis Mischaud

8. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received and from who?

The best piece of advice I've ever received was when before I moved to India I was debating on it and she looked at me and said, "lex just go". She wanted me to live life to the fullest and chase dreams and see the world, and really try to experience it the way others are too afraid to do. I've used that little phrase in just about every situation of where I was afraid and was unsure about my dreams and choices to traveling and modeling and adventures that I've come across. ill be in my head and think,  "just go". and here I am moving forward staying positive even when things go wrong.  

9. Whats your favorite quote?

My favorite quote.... hmm that's a tough one I have so many but the one I've been focusing on recently is:

 "Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck, your profession is what you're put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes a spiritual calling." Vincent van Gough  

10. Describe your style?

Whatever my mood is really, haha. I usually live in a bikini but occasionally ill get dressed up. I love fashion but I love unique things. I'm more into that jewelry you get at a little market that was handmade by the mountain man down the street. one day ill feel like jeans and a band tee the next day I'm feeling extra and am in heels and a red dress ready for a good time!

Alexis Michaud

5. You obviously have a rocking bod, any fitness tips?

I can't-do routine so each workout is different. I get bored easily so I like to make sure my workout is a challenge every time. I hate running so you can forget that lol. I do Yoga for days my soul needs it. Pilates for when my body needs it. Boxing for when my temper needs it and weights and some sort of cardio for when I just have to go to the gym to get it done lol. other than that I eat pretty healthily ( most of the time) I have a thing for tacos, whiskey, and homemade pizza. but not in that order haha. so at the end of the day life is about balance. One day ill eat all veggies and drink lots of water and the next day ill order taco bell through post mates and I'm definitely on my third beer (Thanks, Ohio).

6. Whats your top destination to visit and why?

My top destination.. hmm as of now (because I don't know where my adventures will take me next) would be India. I moved there after I graduated high school literally right after). and it was the best decision I have ever made. it changed me as a person and for the better. I learned to appreciate the little things in life and I learned my strengths and weaknesses. I learned that life is too short to be negative or doubtful. Everything happens for a reason and to never ever take anything for granted. I learned an entirely new culture and it made me so happy to see others way of life. It was so inspiring!

7.  What are your favorite tunes you are listening to right now?

 I'm m convinced I was born 30 years too late, haha I love old music. ACDC, guns n roses, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, the Eagles, and then I enjoy painting to John Mayer, red hot chili peppers, to goo goo dolls. and occasionally old-school hip-hop. some new songs are ok but I always find myself going back to the meaning of lyrics and not the same mainstream song they play over and over and over again about "getting money" "do you know who I am". just not for me.

Alexis Michaud

A sit down with Emme Martin

Emme Martin

Emme Martin


Agency: NEXT Models

1. Hey Emme it was awesome shooting with you today and thanks for taking the time to participate in this blog. So lets begin with what a typical day in the life of Emme Martin looks like?

Usually every day is different. But typically my days consist of cuban coffee, boxing class (sometimes), going to a casting or a photo shoot, and then hanging out with my friends at the beach or something.

2. My days usually start with cuban coffee as well. Speaking of castings and photoshoots how was it that you got scouted?

I was scouted when I was fourteen from a local modeling competition in my home town. I won the modeling contest and signed with my first agency.

3. Well that's pretty lucky, not too many models can say that.  Since you started young you’ve probably have had a bunch of fun project you've worked on, what would you say has been your favorite?

My favorite project to work on was probably a cover shoot I did for VIE magazine. It was circus themed and I got to wear retro bikinis while riding a carousel and eating ice cream.

4. That sounds like a pretty fun photoshoot, not too many models can say they’ve had ice cream during a shoot. Besides that shoot though, what are some other moments you’ve enjoyed while modeling?

It sounds cliche but really the people I meet are the best part, everyone in this industry is really creative and unique and it makes life more interesting.

5. Thats so true, this industry is filled with unique creatives which is always great to meet and network with. So being a model I'm sure you have a strict diet and workout schedule, any tips for the readers?

For me, I just try and stay active throughout the day and eat pretty clean. I’m obsessed with weird health foods like green juices, and ginger shots. I also try to go to boxing 3 three times a week. I like to stay healthy 80% of the time so I’m still able to have cheat days because I loveee ice cream.

Emme Martin
Emme Martin

6. Dam, going to the gym starting tomorrow. Being a model I'm sure you get to travel to a few cool destination, where is your top destination to visit?

Definitely the British virgin islands in the Caribbean! The beaches there are incredible and it’s so relaxing. I love having a tan and not having to wear makeup or do my hair when I’m on vacation.

7. Ya same, I love not wearing makeup or doing my hair….. *crickets* …… So any advice for new models?

I would say to stay true to yourself and not let someone mold you into something you’re not. So many girls think they have to be a certain way but I always find I do the best when I’m myself and feel comfortable. I would also tell them to sign with an agency that has a vision for you. It’s so important that your agency pushes you and believes in you because then you will too.

8. Great advice, very inspiring! I'm sure having the Agency on your team really helps to propel you forward in your career. Is there anyone specific that inspires you?

The first person that comes to mind is my mom. She the sweetest and funniest person I know. She always tells me to work hard for what I want and to stay true to myself.

9. She sounds like a great Emme cheerleader. Subtly switching subjects here, what are some of your favorite tunes you're listening to these days?

Right now I’m listening to lots of Hip hop haha it’s my fav. My roommates and I love Travis Scott, 2chainz, and 6lack. My favorite song right now is What I might do by Ben Pearce though. :)

10. Well, I honestly did not expect that haha. So last question, whats your favorite quote?

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” ;)